Monday, November 16, 2009

Reaction Updates

First I want to thank each and every one of you who have supported me in the last few days as I sort this out.  I woke today with an even stronger conviction that I need to leave this particular program.  I don't feel safe.  There is a mole out there and they have a direct line to the knee jerk reacting suit downtown.

I am still puzzling over the suit's reaction.  He doth protest too much. AND must be not so sharp as he used the bullying and intimidation techniques exemplified and explored in the very study I was sharing with my classmates.

The professor finally responded to me this morning and said I should come to class this weekend (yeah, right) and not make any rash decisions.  Are you kidding me?

I have sent an email to the very top suit in my district attaching the email by the lower suit as well as the entry I made to the message board.  I included a very well drafted letter stating my position and ever-so professionally blasted the suit in question.  I want to publicly thank Hubs for that.  He nailed it and is always my first pick when I need help drafting letters in these intensely charged situations.

I am mailing my withdraw (with no intent to return) form in with a letter requesting a full refund by the university.  I am copying in provost, department chair and class professor and sending it registered mail.

I still feel violated and certainly unsafe to return to any of my classes.  I feel my work environment has become hostile and not sure I can even return to my class next year.  This has deeply effected me.  I am very saddened.

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  1. Just be aware: the Top Suit is himself a bully. Document everything, and I do mean everything. He fears public perception more than anything; if your situation could make the district look bad, he'll beg on bended knee for your silence. If not, he won't give a s***.


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