Monday, November 2, 2009

APA and Busy Work, A Leader Do Not Make

OK, got some papers back from one of my professors.  I have yet to satisfy his very high expectation for using APA referencing protocol.  Oh brother.  This will probably net me a B in the class.  It has been years since I received a B in a class.  Somehow I cannot conjure up the motivation to care.

I thought I nailed it in my last two papers.  I used citation machine, I was very careful.  I used the professor's template.... and still didn't get it quite right.  I cite the references correctly. But this time I numbered the pages and screwed up the header a bit.  BIG F-ing DEAL!  I just want to get this license so I can make things right for special education students and their families by being involved in program development and teacher evaluation.  Does it matter I numbered the pages (correctly, I might add) and he didn't want the pages numbered?

What's coming up?  Let's see.  As I take a quick look at my calendar I see I have a values journal to do for Sister Donna.  When she assigned this she pointed out what category sexual play fell into.  Twice she explained this.  HMMMM.  This assignment is a tool for us to use in reflection about making sure we spend time doing what we value.  I don't need to keep a journal for that.  
I need to do my part for a group project ( I really hate group projects for class).  I need to figure out staffing for our make believe charter school.  Oh brother.  I am all for teamwork and collaborative work.  In real life.  This contrived make-your-own-dream-school-with-a-group-of-people-from-other-schools-and-disciplines-and-interests-and-present-it-to-the-class is a useless exercise.  I already did this in another program.  I have never used one single component of that one and won't from this one.  If you want to start a charter school, get online.  Get together with like mined people.
Let's see.  I also have a budget plan book to put together.  I can get some use from this as this project makes you really internalize all the doing a budget entails and how important following a timeline and sharing that with others is.  I also need to outline and review chapter 9 in a text for my classmates.  Hey.  Whatever happened to everyone reading the whole text book?  I don't want someone else's outline.  Just read the damn text. Oh yeah, I also have to find some inspirational tidbit to read to the class.  We all then reflect on these tidbits.  For a grade.
I need to do one more case study for the citation police as well as turn in my little black book.  This little black book is supposed to be full of bits of info and thoughts and references.  NOT a journal.  This is just supposed to be a book we can flip through and reference as needed.  

So, of all these assignments, which ones will make me an effective leader?  I think leaders are born and then fine tuned through experience, trial and error.  I think there are way too many education 'leaders' out there that are clueless, worthless, and harmful.  The good ones didn't need formal coursework to be good leaders.  The good ones intrinsically know how to treat people, how to inspire, how to keep their eyes on  what is best for kids.  They never lose sight of that.  They don't let us lose sight of that.

So, with all that school work to do, I think I will trip off to the kitchen to bake cookies and the laundry room to wash all our vacation clothes. 

Not sure I should keep on in this program.  I have always wanted to design furniture.  Should I do that instead?

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