Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Outsider Perspective

Just got back from a lovely lunch meeting with the person in charge of hiring student teacher supervisors.  We chatted about present day school administration, university teacher training programs and the difference between a PhD and an EdD.

Her perspective was interesting. She was emphatic about how ineffective most school administrators are and that she felt they were mostly in it as they were not very good in the classroom.  She also said of the few good ones she deals with, they are on a fast road to burnout because the fight is just too big and the obstacles are too many.

I really need to figure out if I could live with myself if I dropped out of this program and focused on an EdD and supervised student teachers.  

I asked if she thought one could effect more change as a member of a teacher training program, or public school administrator.   She said there are so very many variables to consider.  I agree. 

But where will I be able to get done what I think needs to be done and stay sane while doing it?

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  1. Pay attention to your heart as well as your head.


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