Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year Already?

Hey, I wasn't done with the last one!  Really.  I had plans.  Big plans.  Big, big plans.  

Let's get the personal news out there.  Because it is AWESOME!  MIND BLOWING!
I am a grandmother!  My sweet baby grandson was born on December 22 and because of issues at the Philly airport and all flights being cancelled, I got to be there when he was born.  I am forever grateful for bad, bad weather, flight cancellations, my son's mother-in-law for rescuing me from a night in Albany and bringing me back to the hospital where her daughter was in labor and then for  being so darn terrific and schlepping me back to Albany at 4:30 in the AM to catch my flight.  This was no small act of genuine kindness, mind you.  We grannies did an all nighter!  

Anyway, grandson is terrificly smart and alert, nursing well, gaining weight and has the most fabulous parents in the universe.

Now, those of you that have not experienced your children becoming parents, it is unbelievable and I still have no words.  Watch for a later post regarding this life changing experience.

To  maintain anonymous status, from here on in, my grandson will be known in this blog as Little Jupe.  Jupiter was visible hanging right under the moon on the night he was born.

To close this entry, I promise this blog has not turned into a grandmother blog... although it is tempting, I have much to say about education still and my mind is abuzz with so many ideas and ponders I want to share.

Happy New Year!

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