Wednesday, January 6, 2010

100 Things About Me

OK, I spent hours of my last two days reading my favorite blogs and exploring others.  Although I enjoy reading 100 things about by favorite bloggers, it never occurred to me that any of my readers would be the least bit interested in that many factoids about me.

So I pondered it.  I realized that I benefitted in others' lists as I felt a more personal connection and certainly better understood their perspectives which makes reading their blogs more meaningful.

So, here goes....

100 Things About Me

1.  I am in my early 50s.
2.  I am round.
3.  Three sons
4.  Three c-sections
5.  I love to learn.
6.  Learning issues in early grade school.
7.  Most common teacher comment on my report cards was that I did not apply myself.
8.  My third grade teacher told my father I was not college material.
9.  Married my first husband at the age of 19.
10. We were young and dumb,  Divorced when I was 25.
11. We have one son, Foodie
12. I was a single parent through my 4 year teacher ed program.
13. My favorite college is Blackburn in Carlinville, Il.  Check it out.
14. Married again at the age of 30.
15. We have two sons, Movie Man and Superman
16. One dog.
17. One cat.
18. As I get older I have less tolerance for people in general.
19. I am living at my 27th address, or maybe it's my 29th.
20. Moved twice in high school, once in my senior year.
21. I have no clue who I am.
22. Favorite colors are red, orange and purple.
23. Am a kick ass EBD teacher.
24. I worry a lot.
25. Very liberal.
26. Very opinionated.
27. My edit button is usually broken.
28. I am really sick of public education administrators.
29. I have compassion fatigue.
30. Used to be an excellent baker and cook.
31. Lost those skills when Superman was diagnosed with Autism.
32. Love to drive.
33. Oldest of three girls.
34. Wish I looked like Diane Keaton.
35. Favorite cake is authentic Red Velvet.
36. Not a fan of dark chocolate.
37. No tolerance for token economies, level systems, or point systems...and the teachers who use them.
38. Worry my daughter-in-law dislikes me.
39. Am a grandmother.
40. Made much cash while single parent full time student by baking holiday cookies for rich women.
41. Know how to castrate pigs.
42. Have a lot of mother guilt.
43. Experience periods of self-loathing every single day.
44. Love being alone for long periods of time.
45. If I could not read every day I would be suicidal.
46. Beginning knitter.
47. Hope to knit for social activism.
48. Make bead and wire wall art.
49. Watch all the Housewives shows in horrified fascination.
50. Love Nurse Jackie.
51. Can't watch TV without doing something with my hands.
52. Passion for problem-solving.
53. Want to get an Ed.D, but afraid I am not smart enough.
54. Do not enjoy being a parent.
55. Love to sleep.
56. Phobic of the dentist.
57. Have not been to the dentist in 4 years.
58. But I get my yearly mammogram.
59. Pandora Radio user.
60. Believe we need to provide more play at school, not less.
61. Coke, not Pepsi.
62. Think Cookie Monster not eating cookies any more is ridiculous.
63. Upset my grandson lives so far away.
64. Fear he won't ever really know me.
65. Pop corn lover (NOT microwave)
66. Love the idea of exercising.
67. Horrible speller.
68. Feel invisible.
69. Rarely feel heard.
70. Never feel understood.
71. Hell, I don't even understand myself.
72. Love to give specially chosen gifts to dear ones.
73. Don't feel I fit in.
74. Everyone, except me, knows something crucial secret about life.
75. Wish I was a better writer.
76. Just had a panic attack.
77. Love Sharpie markers.
78. Loathe taking care of details.
79. Favorite day is Friday.
80. Hate Sundays.
81. Horrible at remembering names.
82. Want to run for my local school board.
83. Wish I was as cool as Michelle Obama.
84. Want to retire in a boat house on Puget Sound.
85. I have many regrets.
86. Good at reading affect.
87. Grow african violets (have over 20)
88. Hate to dress up because I always look hideous.
89. Refuse to wear pantyhose.
90. Am a free and independent thinker.
91. Have a strong work ethic.
92. Fantasize about winning the lottery.
93. Cut my own hair.
94. Wish I was not fair skinned.
95. Don't cry easily.
96. Wish I cried more easily.
97. Hate my house.
98. Feel grateful I have a house.
99. Express gratitude every day.
100. Afraid I have bored you.

So, after reading this list to myself, I am even more clueless about who I am.
Guess I better work on that.

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