Friday, January 22, 2010

Changing of the Guard

Today is  ST/RT's  last day in my room.  She took a job within the district in another area of specialty.  Ironically, this position will be cut at the end of the year and she knew that when she took it.   ???

In the last few days I have heard more horror stories about her practice and the mess I will return to next fall.  I cannot understand why the principal let all this unfold as it has.  There are just so many things I don't get about being a member of the Dark Side.  Kids have been hurt significantly.

So I have been pondering, as I am want to do, and I decided not to paint anyone in a completely negative light. So I emailed RT with congrats on the new job and wished her well, thanked her for working with the kids.  I get back the following.

"Thanks.  I am glad things have worked out for you."  HUH???

But here is what galls me most about the whole ordeal.  The district interviewed teachers to finish off the year in my room.  They choose one, she accepts, and then she calls Sped Director to decline.  OK.  That stuff happens.  But the Sped Director NEVER told anyone else!!!  So RT and principal are waiting for new hire to show up yesterday to go over details and to pass the baton.  No show.  They call.  She says she notified Sped Director days ago that she was not going to take the position.


Are you kidding me?????

So now a last minute sub will have to be called in to the mess.

Oh yeah.  That's great for kids.

Kids First!

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