Sunday, January 3, 2010

And With All Due Respect...

Here is to all my teacher friends and colleagues who are feeling really blue right now as they figure out how in the world they will rise and shine, get their own wee ones ready for the day, pack a lunch for themselves, find pants that fit after all that holiday cheer, and find their way back to their classrooms in time for the first bell.

May they find their rooms magically straightened up and organized.  
May all their students enter ready to learn (OK that is totally unrealistic) and in a  compliant state for at least the morning.  
May all your lesson plans be in place and quite inspired and inspiring.  
May your administrators have filled their prescriptions for "gonna be nice and use compassion in all decisions" pills.  
May lunch break come soon enough.  
May you get to pee AM and PM.  
May you return to the warmth of your home with an empty school work bag and find the hubby has put dinner in the crock pot before he left. 
 May you sleep well knowing you have done good work.  (Hey, you showed up, didn't you?)

Here's to you, fine people!

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  1. Your list made me laugh because I'm most of the way through my day, but none of your list has happened, and I know the last one isn't happening.

    We can dream, can't we?


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