Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wow, That Door Really Hurt When It Hit My Ass.

Well, well, well.

My resignation was received Tuesday by noon. My job was posted by noon today. 

By 11 this morning my principal sent an all staff email announcing I had decided to resign from the district using the usual administrative one line bullshit about thanking me for my years of service to the district and the students.

By 3 this afternoon I was booted off school email.

Tomorrow I am going into my room to pack up the rest of my stuff.  Principal won't be there, she assures me my pass will work to get me in the door and that my room will be unlocked.

Any bets on that?  My pass key won't work and room will be locked.

Downtown is partying tonight and will continue to do so into the school year.......

..... until they see my name on the next school board ballot.

And you know what?  I don't think we are irreplaceable in any meaningful way.  I think we are only replaceable in the any-warm-body-will-work sense.

I am sad.


  1. The school lost a good caring teacher, I am sad for your students. Good luck on your new pursuit.

  2. The children have lost, and the staff members who know you have lost a kind and professional colleague. Those who understand your situation know why you've moved on.
    And we'll vote for you!


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