Monday, May 3, 2010

This Cannot Be True

This is for real.

My favorite and most challenging student of ALL TIME has been in crisis all year.  Since I have been all but banned from my old school due to replacement teacher's issues with me,  I have not been able to stay closely involved.  I am one of a very few people this kiddo with attachment issues ever bonded to.   So, as his behaviors have increased this year... directly due to the level system they insist on using with him... those in charge of him have done the following:

They have NOT taken him off the level system even though it has proven not only ineffective but harmful.
They HAVE suspended him more than 20 days this year.
They HAVE rewritten his IEP 5 times this year.
They HAVE hired another parapro to help with him.
They HAVE shortened his school day.


They shortened a 5th grader's school day?

So, now he is loose in the community when he really should be in school?

In school with people who take the time to understand him and care for him?

How can this be right?  

While my head is still trying to wrap around this, I hear this one.  One day last week after this kiddo had done NOTHING all day, and I mean nothing at all, the parapro bagged up all the soon -to- expire- unopened- but- confiscated- by- my- parapro -while- on -lunch -duty- and put- in- the- EBDland- refrigerator- cartons -of- lunch- milk and gave them to my kiddo to take home.  A very impoverished home, by the way.

The milks were not given as a reward.  They were not given with any sort of praise attached.  They were just quietly bagged up and handed off when he left for the day.  This was done a million times under my watch.  No biggie, right?


So, unproductive kiddo leaves for the day with half a dozen little cartons of milk and my second replacement teacher scolds my parapro for giving the kid the milk.  

"I would rather have had you pour that milk down the drain than give it to him."

Again, real good job people.  Real good job.

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